The Homestead

As i’m sitting here today looking out my window, I realize that the work put in by my husband and I paid off, as the baby calves are running and playing, their mothers are fat and sassy, even with their calves still nursing. Soon the calves will be leaving. Its about time for fall shots in which they need  to protect them from disease as they go upon their new travels. Its always a sad day to see them go especially for their mothers, those girls moo and carry on for days. Then we will start all over again. Starting in last of January to well in the case of this year until August. She is getting to be an older cow but still produces. that little heifer calf I think might just be a keeper. Now as far as the shots we give, the calves get them in the spring and fall, mainly called preconditioning shots. The spring time is when we also brand the calves and if bull calves we make them into steers. What we do is called banding, it is humane and causes less fly coverage as it would if you just castrated. Well enough about that.

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