The statisics of the family homesteads.

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From yesterday to today the world of the family ranches has changed. Imagine back in the day your whole family working together on the homestead from feeding the cattle to tending the garden to helping inside and out, at the end of the day you all sit down for family supper in which everyone had a hand in.                                                                            Today you look around today as you are driving down the road take a look you will see tumbled down buildings, those were probably once a very lively, workable homesteads.     They had cattle,chickens, gardens probably even little streams or ponds for your little ones to fish.                                                                                                                                              According to agriculture census only 2.1 out of in the 30’s 6.8 million remain. Part of the reason is the building of residential properties. They buying land and build, who doesnt want to live in the country? A acre of land is being built on every 2 minutes thats staggering. The pressure to keep your land alive is very intense. There is alot of ranchers and farmers getting to old to keep things going and needing to retire, while their children do not want to invest in to keep going, which is expensive. There is alot of work to be done alote of hours to have to work. Believe me the work you put in is not a get rich job. They say that it is about what you would make about 30 years ago. Let that sink in a little, you have to really like what your doing or be a little crazy, you decide. For the little man the demand is great while the cost to continue is even greater.


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