Tried recipe

ThereClick Here! was this day I had made a fruit crumble, need a topping! didn’t have milk, heavy cream , didn’t know what I was going to use. I went to the internet for help. Found a really good recipie that uses coconut milk , bingo I had that. This recipie was so easy to make and good.  So here it is, this makes a small batch but you can double or triple if needed.                 4.TBLS powdered sugar, 1/2TSP.vanilla, 1can 14oz. coconut milk, for the milk make sure you refridgerate the milk overnight I put mine in the freezer for about 10 minutes till it seperates, meaning the liquid will remain on bottom and just use the creamed top portion it should look whitish. make sure also your blender bowl and beaters are cold ,you could also put these in the freezer until cold. . Put together and mix till creamy and velvety and peaks. I put mine in a seperate bowl, covered and refridgerated until ready to use. If you have a problem look up vegan whipped cream recipie. This recipie is also gluten free.        Also called coconut whipped cream.

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