Sale Day

22446887_139944766625865_256613516_nThis is the day that makes or breaks the small time rancher. You work 12 months out of the year and get a one time payment for the year depending on calf going price that year, better cross your fingers. Definitely like playing in the stock market. I will say that you better make sure you give those calves spring and fall shots, which includes shots for pink eye, black leg etc. Vision 7 somnus with spur, triangle 4, that’s fall shots, spring shots include vision 7 somnus with spur and piliguard pinkeye triview, all shots can be given intramuscular which means under the skin. The time for branding those babies and banding is in the spring. Shot day is a very excitable time, hope and pray those mamas help bring those calves into the corral. Then the fun begins with separating cows from the calves, cows always need to be poured at this time we use ivermectin in spring and fall, calves also need to be poured at that time. Once those babies are in the corral time to get to work, you must always be very careful that you yourself don’t get carried away and someone gets hurt, communication is the key, as always when working cattle.  Tonight will be a sad night for those calves mommies and for the next few days, the nights and days will be pretty noisy, i always feel a little sad for them on this day. It will be a couple sleepless nights for this ranch. My  crew 22281607_139215426698799_274998957043327639_n

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